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A unique speciality of Bolder Stats is designing and programming interactive Java applets for data visualization and education. This page illustrates one example of an applet used for teaching statistical concepts. Bolder Stats has an inventory of over 60 applets. Contact gary@bolderstats.com if you would be interested in seeing the entire inventory. We also can design and program applets to your custom specificiations.

Scatterplots and Correlation

This applet illustrates the link between the degree of scatter in a scatterplot and the correlation coefficient. Use the slider to change the degree of scatter and observe the change in the corrleation coefficient. Click on the "Change Sign" button to reverse the sign of the correlation. Click on the "New Sample" button to generate a new random sample. As the data points are more organized along a line, the correlation coefficient approaches +1 or -1 depending, respecitively, on whether the two variables increase together or change in opposite directions.

Publicly available applets from Bolder Stats

A small collection of Bolder Stats applets is publicly available as demonstsrations of Visual Numerics' Java Numerical and Stastistical Library (JMSL), on which many of the Bolder Stats applets are based. Visit: http://www.bolderstats.com/jmsl/doc/